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Platinum- Adjustable Base (3000)

Platinum- Adjustable Base (3000)

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  • Health Benefits: An adjustable base helps alleviate health problems like heart burn, snoring, sleep apnea & Acid Reflex. It also provides correct posture while sleep, which provides temporary relief from low back pain, poor blood circulation and symptoms of hernia.
  • Active Lifestyle: An adjustable bed allows you to watch TV in comfort, sit up to read or use a tablet, and work from the comfort of your bed. Use your mattress all day long!
  • Blissful Comfort: Relieve and reduces back pain and allows your muscles to relax while supporting your body. Fall asleep quicker and deeper. Wake up feeling energized and rejuvenated for a full day.


  • Head & Foot position adjustment

  • One touch return to flat button

  • 3 Preset positions: TV / Zero gravity / Lounge

  • 2 Programmable memory positions

  • 2 USB charging ports built under the bed

  • 3 Levels intensity Head & Foot massage with 5 modes of vibration

  • Under bed LED lighting

  • Flash Light Built-in Hand Control

  • Weight Capacity - 850 lbs.

  • With emergency battery box to the power supply

  • With 9’’ adjustable legs (5’’+4”)

  • Optional Bluetooth connection (Not Included)

  • 20 Year Limited Warranty
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